Fall & Football Season… The most wonderful time of year!


Oh Fall! What a joy it is to finally see you!

We had such a hot summer this year so having temperatures in the lower 80s is pretty nice. Here in Alabama, our weather is weird, especially at winter time. For example, it may snow and ice over one day and the next we could have tornadoes, but; One thing is for sure, Alabama has the hottest summers. Every day is like over 100 degrees. It’s just miserable!


It’s been a long time since I’ve written a blog… Basically, nothing much has happened here lately, other than work and work. Now that it’s Fall and football season, things in my life are starting to pick up.


When the month of August is over, it’s game time for all of us southerners. If you’re from the south, you know what I mean… It’s football season! Football Saturday’s in the south is like Christmas morning every Saturday. Everyone is happy and carefree until it’s time for kick off.

If you are in the state of Alabama, you must chose a side. Either you are an Alabama fan  (which is the best choice) or an Auburn fan (the “dark side”). You CAN NOT be a neutral! You MUST pick a side!


Ah, yes. As November approaches, the trash talking gets worse. Everyone starts talking about how much they hate this team and this team, but; in Alabama, you usually hate either Alabama or Auburn. That’s just how it is. It can get extremely ugly between the teams because you just can’t pull for your enemy if they are playing a different team. For example, if Auburn is playing Texas A&M, I just can’t go for Auburn. It’s like sticking fire on my tongue…. IT BURNS! It’s the exact same thing for Auburn fans. If Alabama is playing Texas A&M, Auburn fans will go for A&M. It’s just how it is!

When we play each other, it’s called the “Iron Bowl” and you can never go wrong watching that game. This is where all of your friends and family that is for the opposite team will become your “Enemy” and it can become war between each other. When it’s all said and done, every one will hug and kiss each other and will live happily ever after, even if your team loses.


My family is a split family… We have a few Auburn fans in my immediate family, but then the rest of us are Alabama fans. We usually get together for away games and watch all different kinds of football teams until our teams come on. The family is usually happy-go-lucky and everyone gets along until our teams kick off. When Alabama or Auburn kicks off, it’s game time. Don’t EVER try and interrupt the family as we are watching those games. If you do, let me put it this way, the Sicilian tempers will show! Especially when the family is watching the Alabama games, we take it seriously. It’s like life or death! When it gets down to the last minute and you are just talking across the room to someone else about something other than the football game, believe me, you will make a few Sicilians mad. LOL! Trust me, if you are from out of state and don’t understand football or just hate it, you might want to find a nice mall and shop around until the game is done. If we lose, you might as well go on spend the night away from home because you’d have to deal with an upset person.

I must warn people though, we get extremely loud. If we score a winning touchdown, the house will erupt into a roar and the house may rock from all the jumping and screaming and stuff. If the other team scores and wins the game, you bet that there will be some nasty cuss words coming out of everybody’s mouths. If referees make the worst calls, you bet that there will be nasty cuss words being said to the refs, like they can hear us. Little kids need ear muffs… LOL!



We usually have the best food for football Saturday’s if it’s away games. My Aunt Rose will sometimes make her famous baked Ziti and we will have a salad bar and french bread to dip in the sauce. Sometimes, my daddy will smoke a Boston Butt and some chicken and we would have potato salad, my Uncle Albert’s famous Mac n’ Cheese, and rolls. Yum! I can taste the Mac n’ Cheese right now! We may grill some burgers and hot dogs… You know, the classic football food.

When it’s a home game, it’s a MUST to have fried chicken at tailgate. If my daddy and I don’t get our chicken, I promise y’all, we lose the game. We will have delicious deserts to snack on throughout the day as well. Yum! I love tailgate food!



I will be the first to tell everyone that I’m extremely superstitious when it’s game day. What I said in the paragraph before this one, I MUST have fried chicken. I’ll never forget, I didn’t have my fried chicken last year when we played Ole Miss and we lost horribly. I blame the chicken! LOL!

Some of the other things I MUST need on game day are as follows:

  1. Lucky jewelry
  2. Lucky pins
  3. Lucky jeans
  4. Lucky #12 jersey
  5. Lucky shoes
  6. In some cases, lucky underwear
  7. I have to put my flags on my car
  8. Lucky shaker
  9. When we play an away game, I’ll find a lucky spot on my couch
  10. When we score a touchdown, I have to have a lucky hug from my Aunt Rose… LOL!

This is all that I MUST have and do in order for my team to win. Pretty bad, right? I may need to talk to my counselor about this in my next appointment… Because this is just really bad. Seeing it written out this way… LOL! I need help!

I can’t help it though because like I said, we take football seriously in the south. It’s like life or death for us!



Here’s a little story for you guys.

When I was about 6 or 7 years old, my daddy kept begging me to go to the football game with him because I would have a hissy fit over going to the dang mall with my mama (I do blame my mama for making me hate shopping because she’d stay in a store for like 3 hours…. It was just horrible! I love you mama…) So one day, I finally said that I’d go to the game with him and my brothers because I didn’t want to go into the same store and waste away my Saturday. That was the BEST decision ever! I’ll never forget first arriving in Tuscaloosa and seeing a sea of just crimson red. When we got out of the car, I just fell in love with the atmosphere. Everyone was excited about the game and talking about what might happen in the game. I went in the quad for the first time and fell more in love. Everyone had TVs and tents set up and they’d decorate their tents with all kinds of Alabama decorations… It was just amazing.

When it was time for us to go into the game, it was even more exciting. Seeing what the stadium looked like for the first time… It was so cool. Then the band came out and started performing… WOW! That’s what really grabbed me. I wanted to be a majorette for the Million Dollar Band so I could wear the pretty outfits (they were so glittery and perfect!) Then I saw the cheerleaders and all the cool tricks they’d do. It was seriously heaven for me…. And I wasn’t really into the actual game! LOL! I was maybe 14 years old when I finally started understanding the game real good. I could tell the names of players and what their jersey # is. I could tell you their stats and everything. You could quiz me about the game and I’m sure I’d get a 100.

Now, when I go into the games, I always remember the first game and my reaction to everything. I call it my happy place and I always say that Tuscaloosa is my home. I love everything about it! We took my little nephew to his first football game ever and to see his reaction when he got there… It was priceless. He is a little boy and this is what little boys love and being able to see his sweet little smile was the best thing ever!



I hope everyone has a wonderful Fall and Football Season and everyone stay safe.



2 thoughts on “Fall & Football Season… The most wonderful time of year!

  1. Okay so you are seriously not crazy! I have a lucky shirt, lucky underwear, lucky shorts, lucky necklace, lucky pom poms, lucky shoes, lucky flags (that are no longer whole and are just sitting in my car) and a lucky ring. My shirt, shoes, and underwear all have holes in them, but I wear them anyways because if I don’t then we will lose a game. I have a set menu for each game and it is the same every year except for the non conference games because those are different each year. Here is my thought process behind “our” little problem…..It only makes it crazy if it doesn’t work. Our tradition/superstition works; thefore, it isn’t crazy!! I do believe that we might have been Bama Fan sisters in a past life or something because every post you make describes me to a T……Love your blogs girlie!!!!

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