Confidence is Everything

All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then success is sure.

~ Mark Twain

  1. Don’t ever give up on making all your dreams come true.
  2. Don’t let anyone get you down.
  3. Always try… and try hard!
  4. Don’t let yourself get so caught up in your feelings.
  5. The small things in life are actually the biggest things in life… don’t dwell on the big stuff as much.

What’s up?

I know, I haven’t wrote in a while but life has been a bit busy for me. Busy at work, busy at home…. it’s just a continuous cycle. So, I’ve encountered a new issue that I’m going through…. and that’s my confidence in my own self. You know, confidence, the thoughts that can bring you down or bring you up. The feelings of being accomplished or the feeling of being a complete mess. Everyone has confidence that gets them through the days. Whether it’s tough or easy days, you still get yourself through them. But I’ve had something happen that just completely tore me to pieces on the inside; and now, I’m having to bring my self back up from scratch. I’m confused…. worried…. but I still have some hope that everything will be alright.

My point for writing this blog today isn’t to tell what has happened, but help myself and others bring their confidence back up, even if it’s a difficult road.

What is confidence and why is it so important in life?

By definition, confidence means a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities; or, qualities or the state of certain about the truth of something; or, the feelings or belief that one can rely on someone or something.

Let me ask everyone these questions— What makes you get out of bed every morning? What makes you go to work or school everyday? What’s your purpose?

My answers would be: I get out of bed every day to see what kind of adventure the lord is going to give me that day. Yes, I work and I do pretty much the same routine everyday, but there’s always something that’s interesting that happens. I want to see it and experience it. So, my purpose in life is to go through each day with an open mind. I try not to over think things or stress over the small stuff that happens in life. I want to experience the hard times and the good times because that’s what makes you stronger. It’s tough sometimes… not everything is easy. The Lord doesn’t make things easy in everyone’s life… He tests you! He throws life turns and difficult times your way on purpose to test your faith. You begin to question your purpose in life because it’s such a hard time, but the Lord knows what he’s doing. Always keep your faith in Him and keep your head up. It’ll end eventually… give it time.

What can we do that can help?

Try by changing your appearance. I started wearing very nice clothes to work, even though I’m located in the copy room. I began to wear jewelry, high heels, and lipstick (because I used to never wear lipstick….). You may feel like you’re not beautiful, but I promise you, you are beautiful! So work it! Wear your best dress…. wear the reddest lipstick you got…. bling out with some gorgeous jewelry… go get your hair done by a professional!

Another thing that can help us ladies is by getting professional pictures taken by somebody. I love taking photos of people and I love getting my photos taken for a confidence booster. The comments you receive helps you feel better about yourself.

How about getting fit or going on a diet? If you are not feeling good in your body, try to change it. I know that’s super duper hard because I try and do that all the time. I try to eat better and I try to get into a work out routine but man! It’s so difficult to get out of your regular routine and start something new! Try joining a gym. Get with your friends and work out together. You can also hire a personal trainer if you’d rather work by yourself.

There are so many ways that we can boost our confidence, but those are just a few!

As someone who has the hardest time with seeing some good in myself, I know deep down that I can do it. I’ve been criticized and talked down too…. but I know I can come back from feeling so low. I’m not going to let people or things get to me because I’m strong! I question my strength in times like these but I still rise from it. Even though it’s a long road to go down. I pray for everyone that struggles like me… when you feel like someone has kicked you in the gut… when you feel like your not pretty enough… when you feel down…. I pray that we all can heal from this and that we can push forward! Better things are in store for us, just watch!

Thank you Mama for taking these pictures today for me! I needed them! (P.S.: These photos were taken with her phone… iPhones have the best cameras on them!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and week! 🙂

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