What’s so great about Valentines Day?

Valentines Day is just a day away and so many folks are so ready to get their “love on,” I guess you could say. Girls, we always get flowers, balloons, cards, chocolates, jewelry, expensive dinners, huge stuffed teddy bears, maybe even some money… am I forgetting anything? Some people may find out they have a secret admirer, or find out who their admirer is on this day. Some get engaged, or some may confess their love for each other for the first time. There’s just so much stuff to be excited about when you’re involved with someone. For me, all of that is not the case.

Valentines Day is my least favorite day out of the whole year. I’m single and have never had a “Valentine” in my whole life, and it’s really hitting me harder the older I get. I used to not care about that because I wasn’t focused on having anyone at the time; but, now, I feel like my time is just running out. So stupid sounding, ain’t it? I’m only 24 and I constantly get told that I have plenty of time and that I’m young – No one knows how annoyed I am to hear people say that to me. I wish people would stop saying that because it doesn’t make me feel any better, honestly.

So, on this note, lots of single-tons get depressed on this day, like myself. It’s so easy to get caught up in those lonely feelings and get taken down by them. It’s our job to stand up tall and ignore those feelings and continue on with our lives like any other day. Ignore all the flower bouquets. Ignore all the love notes. Ignore all the chocolates. Ignore all things to do with Valentine’s Day.

I want to help those that struggle on this day by giving you ways to cope with your depression.

How do I cope?

It’s definitely not an easy thing to do when your down in the dumps, but there are definitely ways to do it.

  1. Talk about your feelings with a loved one or best friend – That’s why they are here! They all want to help you and they want to listen to you and support you. Do NOT be afraid to open up to those who love you. They all, including myself, just want you to be happy.
  2. Get a pet/Love on your pet – Let’s face it, we just don’t deserve dogs and cats. They’re all WAYYY too good to be with us ungrateful humans. Any animal can sense when you’re sad or not feeling well, so it’s instinct for them to help make you feel better. Trust me on this, it works!
  3. Help support others struggling like you – It helps me so much to sit down with a fellow sufferer and talk to them. I want to know how they feel because I can easily relate to them and we can talk it out together. It’s like a huge reliever to know that you’re not alone in this battle.
  4. Get active – I can be the first to tell you that my workout journey wasn’t just about getting in shape and losing weight, it was to help relieve my stress, anxiety, and depression. Your body releases endorphins when you are working out and as it releases, you’ll automatically start releasing stress. I HIGHLY recommend this, especially on Valentines Day! (You might meet somebody at your gym….;) )
  5. Do something that you enjoy doing – Got a hobby? Do it!
  6. Watch a funny movie/show – So, you’re not hanging out with your fellow sing-tons on V-Day? Well that’s alright! Pour up a good glass of wine, pop some popcorn, and watch a good funny movie or show. Let me recommend a movie for you ladies – “Moonstruck”  It’s a very fitting movie for V-Day. You’ll thank me later after you watch it. 🙂
  7. Learn how to meditate – Meditation is a perfect way to find yourself in a spiritual way. It helps you release stress and helps you to find your inner peace. Meditation is tricky though – you’ve got to learn to block out all the noise around you and fall deeply into your soul. I’ll teach this on upcoming blogs. 🙂

Depression sucks and it’s so real! People just don’t realize how dangerous it is to have a type of “mental illness” because it’s battles that happen within your body. An internal battle, if you will. It’s very exhausting because it affects you mentally and physically. Finding your happiness when you’re in this state is pretty tough, some may say it’s near to impossible. You just have to learn how to shrug it off and move on with your life. Our lives are way too short to just sit back and let this type of demon get to us. You’re a very powerful person and you’re worthy to make yourself happy. I’m here to help you along the way too!

Let’s all of us single-tons unite this Friday! Whatcha got planned??? 🙂


(Photo by Compton Photography, Cassidy Compton)


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