5 Steps to take before you start your Fitness Journey

Ok, so you’re about to go on a journey of a life time. Nope, it’s not somewhere on the other side of the world…. it’s a personal journey to help yourself feel better physically and mentally. Most people I know just jump right into a gym without even a plan, or better yet, they don’t really know what type of training they need to do. I was guilty of doing such when I first started out and from doing that, it’s stalled my journey a bit. It’s ok though, I finally got on track and got a plan up and I started dropping weight and building muscle like crazy. My obsession with fitness/health started when I noticed a drastic change in my appearance 3 weeks into my new “plan.”

Here, I’m going to share my steps to a more healthier and safer way to start your fitness journey’s.

Step 1 – The Plan

First things first, you need to start drawing up your plans. What is your goal at the end of this journey? Lose weight? Build muscle tone? Run a marathon? Write down all your goals on a board and hang it up somewhere in your home. Weigh yourself and write your starting weight down on the board, along with your measurements. Take a picture of yourself with little clothes on and hang it up on the board. Cover all angles because it’ll help you tremendously with your confidence and your motivation later on! Always refer back to your board throughout your journey and update everything that is on it. You’ll begin to notice changes within your first week!

Step 2 – Talk to a personal trainer or some sort of health advisor

We need to figure out what type of training would be best for you depending on what your end goal is, your medical history, and your body type.

Weight loss – Focus more on cardio training and a low carb, low calorie diet. Try eating less meats and focus more on veggies and fruit. Cut out soda’s, sweet tea, and alcohol. It’s OK to treat yourself here and there, but try building up discipline. Learn to say NO to a donut or cookie. It’s tough to do at first, but then it gets easier, trust me. With your cardio, try starting out by walking a mile and then bump it up to 2 miles and so on and so forth. Walk FAST! Don’t push yourself too much right now…. you will build up to more advanced cardio workouts later on.

Muscle tone – Focus more on strength training and add a ton of protein to your diet. More calories will be added on and healthy fats are needed with this. Lift them weights people! Go for runs or sprints daily. Drink tons of water with this!

If you insist to not get a trainer, there are tons of different programs you can join online or through an app. My personal favorite is the SWEAT community app. There’s a total of 5 personal trainers, all female trainers, that you can choose from and they all work on different types of training. I train under Kelsey Wells but all the other trainers are fantastic. This app draws up your workout plan and even gives you a food plan! You are able to join support groups, challenges, and much more. I think you’ll be very pleased with your results. I’ll show you my results at the end of this article!

Step 3 – Work on your mental state

This is the most important thing to me. This was the biggest obstacle I had to go through because I’ve always struggled with a mental illness just about my whole life. You have to learn to look at yourself in the mirror and see someone that is worthy and beautiful. Tell yourself that you can do this no matter how many tears you shed or how much sweat poor’s down your face. If you fall, get back up and try again. Always look at the bright side of things. Just know that it takes time and a lot of hard work to get to your goals. Stay focused on YOU and only YOU because you’re doing this for YOU after all.

Step 4 – Find your gym

Do your research of good, affordable gyms around your area. Every gym has the same type of stuff, so just chose wisely where you’d feel most comfortable at. Most gyms can give you a tour of their facility. Just call and ask about taking a tour and they will set up a time and day for you to come.

It’s very common for people to have some anxiety going to a gym for the first time because you think that everyone there is looking at you and judging you. Get that out of your heads! No one, I repeat, NO ONE is doing that there. Those people had to start somewhere just like you and they weren’t fit when they started, so they have no place to actually “judge” you. Just like I said above, focus only on YOU and don’t worry about others around you. You’ll soon enough build confidence and it’ll be nothing to walk on into the gym and do your work. You’ll find out that it’s a lot of fun!

Step 5 – Keep your motivation

It is so easy to lose your motivation after starting your journey. You’ll be tired one day and you won’t go…. well that snow balls and you will not go back for a while. I’ve done this many times! Just remember why you started this in the first place and keep it up. Make you a routine and stick to it. It won’t take you long to get used to doing this on a daily basis and you’ll find out that you’ll actually enjoy it. It’s a rewarding thing to do because you’ll realize that you feel better on the inside. If you find yourself losing that motivation, go to the board that has your starting weight and your before pictures and tell yourself that you will NOT go back to that life style again. Read other peoples journey’s or look at pictures of your biggest inspiration. Look at motivational quotes on the web! Do anything that’ll get you going. You can do it, I know you can!

One day, you’ll hit your goals and then you’ll look back at your board of the “past you” and be completely blown away at your results. You’ll realize that you aren’t just tougher physically, you’re tougher mentally too. It’s so rewarding! Don’t stop doing what you are doing… Keep making fitness/health goals! Maintain your weight and appearance.

You can do this! Trust the process and be patient because it is worth while in the end. See below for my before and after’s!

Stay safe and healthy!

Much love XOXO

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